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While every bathroom is different, they do tend to fall into three broad types: powder rooms, shower bathrooms and spa bathrooms.

The powder room is for guests to use while visiting. It typically is located on the first floor of the residence adjacent to the public rooms and is relatively small. I like to encourage our clients to take a little bit of an adventuresome approach here as I liken this room to an appetizer. Try something you might not be willing to try in a larger more "important" space. Take a chance.

The second type of bathroom is the functional bathroom, typically a shower bathroom that the owner of the home uses every day, often twice a day. Here the goal is to create something that is totally functional, yet still has style and will not lose its appeal. Often we use our signature solution of a monolithic slab of natural stone hand sanded to the drain to give a rich and subtle quality to the space.

Finally there is the spa bathroom, frequently incorporating both a shower and a bathtub. Here the goal is to create a space where one lingers and contemplates the day ahead or the day that has just passed. In either case, the space is luxurious and the mood is meditative.