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San Francisco, California

For the last twenty years we have occupied four spaces, including Jackson Square, the Design District, Showplace Design Center and now the Galleria Design Center. With each move we have been able to adapt and refine our original idea – a serene achromatic space with elegant detailing and finishes, built around white and aluminum Knoll furnishings. Along the way we have made minor adjustments to the furnishings, incorporated numerous custom elements, and we have increased the size of our art collection. Our newest offices are completely redesigned from the previous tenant. We have rearranged the windows and doors and created a large open studio space, which borrows daylight from our across-the-hall neighbors. We now enjoy the luxury of a large reception room, a separated design studio and a semi-private office with adjoining conference/workroom for the principal. One of our favorite new pieces is a lighted mobile pendant by noted New York artist David Weeks.

Photos © 2017 Michael Hospelt