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Aptos, California

This residence had been recently remodeled, with the exception of two of the bathrooms. The newly enlarged downstairs bathroom now has a spa-like atmosphere. It serves pool guests as well as house guests. Over-scaled tile floors and glass tiled walls impart a dramatic modernity to the space. Note the polished stainless steel ledge in the shower niche. A German lacquered vanity and a Jack Lenor Larsen roman shade complete the space.

Upstairs, the bathroom has a much more organic feel, using a shaved pebble floor, linen textured vinyl wall covering, and a watery green wall tile. Here the vanity is veneered in a rich walnut. The residence, nestled on 20 acres of heavily wooded land, has been meticulously detailed throughout, with new millwork, hardware, and finishes. (2012-2013)

Photos © Paul Dyer Photography