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San Francisco, California

This dual function room presented several challenges – the first being access. The box corner bay window called for a large sectional sofa. We opted for a custom piece inspired by the classic English drop arm sofa. The issue was how to maneuver the piece into the room. Ultimately we did have to crane it in, after removing the window, with inches to spare. Then there was the issue of what size dining table to use. We opted to refinish the client's existing table with three leaves giving them four possible sizes. To pull the room together we chose a handsome Oushak style carpet in warm tones and brought in Randall Whitehead to consult on the lighting. The original wainscoting was retained and refreshed. For added warmth the walls were covered in a quiet textile. The bronze and glass cocktail table gives the room a nice fresh feeling and a great sense of openness. (2010)

Photos © Douglas Sandberg Photography